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Bosnian Language for Foreigners A1-A2

If you want to learn the basics of the Bosnian language, develop communication skills, master the basics of grammar and vocabulary, this course is the right choice for you.

Our center organizes Bosnian language lessons for tourists, travelers, foreigners that works in Bosnia, etc. The learning program can be organized for a group of candidates or individuals (one to one – ask for the price list). The aim of the course is to teach our students to Bosnian in an interesting, fast and efficient way. We conduct a need analysis and adjust our syllabus to the needs of our clients in order to enable them to successfully learn Bosnian and apply it outside the classroom.  You can choose the intensity and duration of the course i.e. the course of 4-12 weeks, the topics that suits you and which are tailored to your actual needs of the workplace or other environment.

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Bosnian lessons are organized in 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced (General, Business or BSP) each per 3 sub level. A level=60 academic hours (45'). This program contains a total of 3 levels, A1 (starter-novice low), A2.1 (elementary-novice-mid) and A2.2 (pre-intermediate-novice-high). Each level consists of 3 modules per 2o lessons(45').   They lead course participants in the direction of building  grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading,   listening, writing skills, of the appropriate level, from basic to elementary. 

Basic Bosnian Language  Levels A1-A2

  1. Level - Novice Low   A1 ,        3 x 20 less=60 lessons 2. Level - Novice Mid   A2.1 ,    3 x 20 less=60 lessons 3. Level - Novice High A2.2,     3 x 20 less=60 lessons


Group Level price: BAM=295,00+VAT. This calculation is based on the Minimum of 6 Ss in a group.

Individual per lesson price: 25KM+PDV


Dynamics 3x per week for 2 hours a day, the course lasts 4 weeks per module. Dynamics can, by agreement, be even more intense, 4-5x per week, depending on the choice of the group of participants and their real needs.

CEFR - Common European Framework Reference

A1 - PREPARATORY LEVEL The preparatory stage is intended for all those who for the first time meet with the German language. At this level, students will learn the basics of German and gain basic communication skills. He will be able to present himself and others and ask and answer questions about himself and others. A1 - TEST A2 - BASIC LEVEL Upon completion of this stage, participants will learn to communicate on the level of everyday topics, how to deal with different life situations, describe events from the past and the future. A2 - TEST

Level Chart 

Comparasion of proficiency scales (Click below!)


Certificates and exams

At the end of this program, the final exam is awarded with a diploma awarded for successful. If the attendees attend a single module, they can only obtain the Certificate of attendance of the course module. Organized in three levels of difficulty and offers at least 400 vocabulary terms and phrases. Each unit includes a test of reading, understanding grammar and vocabulary and speech, writing and listening skills through written and oral verification.

Syllabus frame

Introduction to the Bosnian Alphabet - Pronunciation of vowels and consonants The present tense of the verb “to be” Personal pronouns Greetings, Nouns and gender, Word order in a sentence Professions, Countries and Nationalities Possessive pronouns, Interrogative pronouns Plural of nouns Numbers, Family and friends Adjectives Describing people and things The present tense, Accusative, Getting information Modal verbs, Food, Locative Clothes, Furniture The past tense, Dative, Travels Future tense Travelling, Seasons, Weather Reflexive verbs, Daily life Revision and Exercises Final exam




General information

Groups from minimum 6 to max 8 attendees, and exclusively on working days. Method of teaching: Principle of communicative didactics and Interaction. A combination of lectures, case studies, discussions and practical workshops. Lecturers: Graduated professors of BCS and English language, certified for areas of professional language skills. Condition: No

Enroll lasts till 25th in the month, course starts every 5th in the next month, from 11 am to 5 pm!

Address: INTERLINGUA, Ul. Branilaca Sarajevo 39 / I. Discounts: In the case of registration of a group of students from the same company or organization we grant a discount of 10%.


Admission to the courses is until the 15th or the 25th of each month, and the start of the classes is on the first and the third week of the following month, usually on Mondays. Information via Chat /Email:, or mobile 062 910 408, from 11.00am-5.00pm.

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